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Citations and Reputation Management for Local Businesses

Just a few short years ago business and professional service providers only had passive audiences with one-way communication, where the customer and vendors only option was to accept what a business offered, good bad or indifferent. But with the advent of the Internet and its multitude of social networks, all that has changed.

Businesses today must engage their audiences with regular interactions on social platforms - facebook, google+, twitter, Instagram, and more.

Reputation and citation management is not for big corporations alone. It is a challenge that is now the de-facto opportunity of gaining authority and dominating your local market.

Reputation and Citation management can impact your business in a very positive or negative way, depending on how proactively you have positioned your business to take advantage of the various audience interactions.  

Reputation and Citation management is more than just social monitoring or postings. We understand that there may be instances when your business is unable to satisfy that one customer, i.e when an aspect of your offering was misunderstood. When those instances occur, your business must be ready to respond.

Our goal as your Citation and Reputation Management partner is to enable your business to view, with a holistic approach, all aspects of referrals, interactions, and positive and negative reviews, online or off-line.

The services our agency provides include:

  • On-line presence
  • Review monitoring
  • Review generation
  • Review management
  • Review marketing
  • Customer surveys
  • Social engagement
  • Social listening
  • Social publishing
  • Social ticketing
  • Business insights
  • Competitor analysis

Who can Benefit from this service: Any Business or Professional service provider who provide any kind of service, or sell products in the locality.


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